Ellen, Professional Organizer

IMG_1402I’m Ellen Gurwitz, an organized and high-energy individual.

I finally listened to some friends who urged me to start a business to help clients get out from under too much stuff. After careful consideration, I launched De-clutter Me!

Beyond being well organized, I bring a strong customer service focus to my work. My professional background includes co-owning and managing a Burlington retail and mail order business. I also have sold on the phone for a major Burlington company, answering product questions and providing customer service. My ears are open wide. I’m ready to support you as you de-clutter!

I get great pleasure from helping people in their homes and workplaces as they free themselves from excess. It could be multiple appliances, too many old holiday decorations falling from closet shelves, house plants needing trims, chaotic office supply areas and filing systems.

The best part is seeing the looks on people’s faces as their concerned frowns soften into happy smiles. Many quickly realize how much lighter they feel, understanding that physical clutter = mental clutter. Beyond clearing physical spaces, it actually can be a spiritual experience, too!

A professional organizer, clients also call me angel, catalyst, change agent, coach, personal trainer and even savior. The last label is a bit much, but I appreciate the praise.

When not working, I often think about, and am involved, in making music. I am an alto in the Vermont Symphony Orchestra Chorus and its spin-off, Bella Voce Women’s Chorus of Vermont. I have produced and hosted a weekly eclectic music show on Internet radio station www.wbkm.org.

088Over the years, my volunteer activities have included for several cultural organizations, and aboard the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum’s canal schooner replica, Lois McClure. Elected to local government, I have served on and chaired a Vermont selectboard. I like to swim, sail, garden, read, and bike. Oh, there’s Scrabble, too.


De-clutter Me! is a professional organizer
serving Burlington, Vermont, and surrounding areas.
Call or email today!
802.598.3639 or clearclutternow@gmail.com.

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