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A Holiday Gift, in Stages

Based on a recommendation for a professional organizer, Eugenie contacted me about her friend Linda. Her charming, old farmhouse was very full with two houses’ worth of furniture, plus she might benefit from some de-cluttering. We wrote back and forth about how to best help Linda.

After receiving Eugenie’s check for several sessions and some more exchanged emails, Linda and I scheduled our first session. It would be mid-day on a beautifully bright, though very cold, day.

We looked around the first floor. I asked what was bugging her most. Her answer – her upstairs bedroom, but she was concerned that I would be shocked and put off by it. I told her that I’ve seen many situations that could use some attention. Not to worry!

Once upstairs, we started with her dresser. We cleared, then she dusted it. Success!


Next, we started on some piled books, magazines, etc., on the floor next to her bed. Making a good start with it, our time was then used up. We likely would return to it during our next session together.