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Timely Tips, Holiday Edition, Vol. III

From the archives, here are a few quick tasks to delegate. Do you have kids? Maybe a few dollars will sweeten the request(s), or a promise not to nag about holiday-break homework until December 28.

Updating contacts. Tweens focused on tech won’t mind typing addresses from incoming cards into a document or into your phone.
Addressing cards. Do you still have some to send? Here’s a chance for your kids (who, again, might be more focused on texting) to practice their penmanship.
Ironing holiday linens. Older kids should be able to handle this pressing matter (bad pun alert!). No collars or angled seams. Easy!
Salting the sidewalks. It’s basically encouraging kids to spill and make a mess. Large plastic cups can work as scoops, so they don’t have to haul a heavy container around.