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A Tale of Two Pantries

She posted a search for a professional organizer on the Front Porch Forum, Vermont’s online community bulletin board, accessible in all towns. She especially sought someone with experience. After several exchanged emails and a phone conversation, including about recipes that needed better storage, we set a date.

There are two pantry areas in the house. She is a massage therapist with a home practice, so she is especially concerned that those she treats there see tidy areas.

We decided to focus on the pantry closer to the kitchen. We first pulled out recipes that were stored in a crate lying on its side. I suggested organizing them in a three-ring binder, with side tabs for different kinds of foods, like breads/muffins, appetizers, soups, salads, main dishes, etc. I showed her one of mine brought along for “show and tell.” It’s useful and fun to leaf through it when looking for yummy eats to make. It’s so low-tech as to be no-tech. It would take some time to develop, though ultimately can save time. No screen needed!

Next, working top to bottom, we cleared off the top shelf, storing there platters and other serving bowls used rarely, but still good to have handy. We consolidated other items, like cookie sheets. We brought to the garage some things to be tossed or recycled, and loaded others to be donated into her car.






Pleased with our results, she felt confident about clearing the clutter in the second pantry.