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Nina’s Work in Progress

Nina is a wife and mother, and has a profession, too. She’s busy. Feeling a bit overwhelmed about my coming to work with her, I encouraged her to relax. (After all, it’s only me!) We first would focus on the basement of the family condo.

Where to start? What to de-clutter? What was bugging her most? She suggested a shelving unit, adding quickly that we had to protect husband Greg’s models. They would stay on the top shelf, along with two dinosaur figures. I suggested working top-to-bottom, reserving the most valuable “real estate” (the shelves most easily reached) for items that the family would use most. We set to work, rearranging, and filling big, plastic garbage bags with trash, items for other rooms and donations. We also set aside two art pieces done by her 8-year-old daughter, for an eventual wall art gallery.

As often is the case, a couple of times, Nina exclaimed, “I was looking for that!” After finishing the shelving unit, and with our remaining time, we started on the rest of the basement. We strategized for the rest of our upcoming sessions. We would work our way around the room. First, though, we cleared off the ping-pong table, so the family could enjoy using it again.