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Joan’s Freshened Closet

I saw Joan while volunteering at a concert. She remembered my work with her husband Dick, as we reorganized files and consolidated financial records in his home office. Would I help with her closet? It held some items that she didn’t wear anymore – including from past professional jobs, high-heeled shoes, a few purchase mistakes (we all have them!).

We scheduled a session for (what turned out to be) a dreary Sunday afternoon – perfect. We set to work, with me pulling individual pieces for Joan’s decision-making. In most cases, first a story about an item’s origin, then I placed it either back into the closet, or into one of three big, black plastic garbage bags for transport – to the trash, or to Goodwill, or to a higher-end second-hand shop whose proceeds benefit needy residents in three towns.

Like most clients, she exclaimed, “I’ve been looking for that!” a few times. I vacuumed away some cobwebs, grouped tops, skirts and dresses in the closet. I re-folded sweaters and returned them to shelves, then we were done. She smiled, with an expression of relief. Ta-da!