We All Have Stuff

We all have stuff. Some of us have too much –
in our homes and/or businesses.
De-clutter Me! provides organizing solutions
so you can breathe easier.

Together, we will meet your challenges,
clear clutter,
solve your problems,
and develop practices
to keep you ahead of accumulating more clutter.

No job is too small or too big.

From overstuffed drawers and closets
to disorganized kitchens and basements,
we will find lost financial records
and cooking utensils,
favorite clothes and other items.
We will organize and place them for easy access.

We also can separate items to be given away,
recycled or tossed.
No more clutter!

De-Clutter Me! serves Burlington, Vermont, and surrounding areas. Call or email today! 802.598.3639 or clearclutternow@gmail.com.